Revision Policy

Here at we credit ourselves with having a pool of highly skilled and experienced writers who submit high-quality papers. Nonetheless, revisions are also part of the job.

We establish and maintain a collaborative effort between our writers and clientele. If the instructions are not clear, we ask questions to clarify them and welcome your involvement through revision options.

After receiving an order and the paper does not meet some of your requirements, we are always available and ready to revise your paper for free if it meets the following conditions:

  • Instructions. The revision instructions should not be different from the original instructions. If new instructions are issued after the submission of a paper, then further charges may be incurred. Some of those incidences include:
    • Additional length of pages
    • Different subjects

    Contact our customer service for more elaboration and an estimate.

  • Submission. Always review an order before approving any order. However, if you approved a document that you later find out requires a revision, contact customer support. Timeframe for the new deadline should be included.
  • Deadline: A revision request sent before approval is made is handled with immediate effect. We prioritize revisions and submission deadlines to meet the client’s requests. Note that you can request revisions at any time before approving a paper. However, after approval, the allowance period is 7 days, after which extra charges are incurred. This strict policy ensures the availability of our writers to complete the revision within the given time frame.
  • The number of revisions: We offer free revisions for the first 3 requests. We encourage our clients to review the entire document and include all the instructions required during the first revision message.
  • We give the same amount of seriousness to revision orders as we do original tasks. The same level of dedication, research, and professionalism is maintained to produce a paper that gets you an A+ grade. The above terms on our revision policy help us to do that.

    By reading and understanding this policy, you get a snippet of how we work, which helps you to understand the revision process. Due to our exclusivity in working with only highly qualified and experienced writers, we must create a system that creates availability for their time through the revision policy.

    Our goal is to establish long-term partnerships with our clients and work together to produce papers that meet your needs.