Quality policy

Here at GetQualityPapers.com we pride ourselves on delivering quality work and services. We understand the sensitivity of the tasks that we handle and the high level of trust you place in us. If you choose to work with us, we assure your paper passes all the quality checks. It is worth your time to invest in us.

The quality checks that we use for our papers include:

  • Cross-check the paper against the requirements of the institution. Most institutions provide a rubric grading system that we apply.
  • Make sure it is plagiarism-free. Check out our plagiarism-free policy.
  • Ensure the paper uses correct grammar, punctuation, and correct language tone. Check out our grammar policy.
  • Make sure that it possesses clarity, is engaging and fulfills the intention of the assignment.
  • Adheres to any additional instructions from our clients.

We take high priority on the tasks we handle. For us to produce the best quality, we encourage our clients to understand the quality evaluation procedure. A quality evaluation is done to assess the quality of the paper sent. It is a rare occurrence, but if the quality of the paper does not match your expectations, you can read our revision policy and refund policy to understand the steps that you can take.

For us to produce high-quality papers, we nurture the collaboration between our writers and clients. There are a few ways that you can help us provide the quality you deserve.

  • Authorize payment. This makes it possible for the writer to immediately start working on your paper. When delivering quality work, a common element that we value is time. With enough time, the writer assigned to your task can ensure that all the quality checks are enforced.
  • Provide all the instructions and needed materials on time. This ensures you and the writer assigned for your tasks are on the same page before the paper is written.
  • Check your messages and notifications. If your task has already been assigned to a writer, we encourage you to periodically check your messages in case a writer requires clarification on something about the task. Communication is key in all our interactions, and we always confirm with our clients in case of any query related to the task.
  • Revision. We understand that sometimes the instructions may change or that you may need to request changes after some progress has been made. We allow revision requests from our clients. However, timing is essential so that submission deadlines are met on both ends. Check out our revision policy for more details on the same.
  • Contact support in case of any queries that can not be handled by a writer. If there are technical difficulties, for instance, with submitting a document, payment authorization, or process. Regardless of the query, you can always reach out to our contact support to assist you.

Teaming up with a professional and experienced writer will give you the additional confidence boost in the quality of your paper, which is a core standard of our papers. The quality process check is transparent enough for you to question the quality of the paper. We guarantee this will not happen, but even if it does, you can evaluate it and have it revised accordingly.