Plagiarism-Free Guarantee

Here at we make sure to produce plagiarism-free essays or papers to maintain academic integrity. When writing our essays, the most important thing is to communicate the paper’s vision. For instance, through progressive delivery services, the client establishes the direction of the paper through regularly scheduled check-ins.

When buying an essay to use as a guide for one's assignments, our samples can be used as sources due to the originality that they possess. However, we advise students to cite our samples properly if used as a source of information.

Plagiarism is such a huge act of academic misconduct, and for that reason, we take all the necessary steps to avoid it. As part of our proofreading and editing services, we make sure to include a plagiarism-free guarantee service as part of the package.

To produce a plagiarism-free guarantee essay, the following are some of the steps our writers take:

  • Crafting original samples of work. Our writers do not directly copy anything from the sources used. We read, understand the content, then describe it in our own words. An important factor that we always include is to cite our sources and include them in the reference list.
  • We source our information from reputable, reliable, and current sources. We also use a variety of sources to show that the writer understands the topic. It gives the reader the idea that the writer is well-versed in the topic o the extent that they can transfer the knowledge learned using their views.
  • Adopting a unique style. Every writer has an individual style. It is important not to copy another author’s style when writing. Moreover, information must be straight to the point and clear from the start to the end of the paper.
  • Several anti-plagiarism software exist, and we make sure to apply those that are the most effective to ensure plagiarism-free papers. Our samples are double-checked for plagiarism through different software to make sure that the papers are 100% plagiarism-free.

    Among the factors we checked in the plagiarism algorithm include:

  • Word arrangement that already exists from online sources.
  • Substitution of words and reversed passive and active voices.
  • Direct quotes (we use this for samples sent for editing and proofreading).
  • Due to the experience of our writers, we can guarantee papers that are free of plagiarism. We uphold academic integrity and understand the importance of acknowledging credit where it's due. In addition to this, we are familiar with different formats, including APA format and MLA format. We cite and reference papers accordingly.