Grammar Policy

Here at we value the confidence and trust placed on us by our clients to deliver high-quality work. Grammar is an important element that ascertains the quality of a paper. Due to the nature of tasks that we receive, we always countercheck our papers to make sure there are no grammar mistakes. When choosing to work with us, you are ensured that the grammar of your paper is up to par. This is inclusive of proofreading and editing services for papers that are sent to our writers.

All our completed papers pass through a grammar check that includes:

  • Basic spelling and punctuation. However, small spelling mistakes give an overall bad impression. We make sure that no spelling and punctuation mistakes exist in our final drafts.
  • Clarity of the overall document. This includes word choice, incorrect use of passive voice, subject and verb combinations, or mixed verb tenses. Since information sometimes is paraphrased from sources, mixing the verb tenses is highly probable, which we ensure to avoid or correct.
  • Sentence structure. Good grammar implies proper arrangement and length of sentences. Long sentences are broken down into short and readable sentences using correct punctuation marks.
  • Improper phrases. Most of the tasks handled are in the academic category. We make sure that the text uses academic language and does not include any colloquialisms or improper phases.
  • Overall flow. This is the last stage made to ensure that after all revisions and grammar checks, the paper has a logical flow to it, is clear and coherent, and applies transitional phrases between paragraphs.
  • This grammar policy explains the process that all our papers go through for you to achieve the best quality paper and pass an important quality check, grammar. When submitting papers for proofreading and editing services, we urge our clients to send the documents as soon as they have been completed. This gives our writers enough time to make all the revisions. We also urge that you open communication pathways by checking your messages and notifications in case of any additional queries from the writer.

    Due to the intensive work that goes into research and making sure the prompt is answered fully, most students make grammar errors. Some of these errors are not so obvious. For example, using weak verbs instead of strong verbs. However, by using our services, we adhere to every detail, including all the ways to make the paper stand out using the right grammar.

    Due to our transparency, we have a revision policy that you can visit if you need revisions made to your paper. Check out our revision policy to learn more about revision requests.

    This grammar policy is a commitment from us and our writers to deliver a paper that meets all the grammar requirements. Our writers are experienced and professional in this field, and we guarantee that by working with us, grammatical errors will be a thing of the past.