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Editing and Proofreading Services


Editing and proofreading are two different processes used to improve the quality and accuracy of a paper. These two processes are often overlooked due to a lack of time. Acquiring a third party helps one to rectify issues you would otherwise not regard as issues. We have a team of qualified and professional writers keen on the task of editing and proofreading papers. The following are some of the protocols observed when editing and proofreading papers.

Editing Services

This process involves revising information to match requirements while improving the quality and organization of the paper.

These are crucial checkpoints that we apply to all our papers during the editing process:

Matching the paper requirements

Depending on your institution, various requirements are presented alongside an assignment, and for some institutions, an additional rubric is provided. Ensuring the assignment meets all these requirements is one way to guarantee you a high score.

A pro-tip used when editing papers is to create section headings or structure the paragraphs according to the questions in the assignment.


Following the basic structure of an essay, we have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Identifying the thesis of your paper and making sure all the paragraphs in the body are related to it is an important part of editing. This is sometimes not stated explicitly in the requirements. Nonetheless, it is crucial and relevant as it gives the instructor an idea of the stance taken and how it is supported in the body.


An integral part of editing a paper is to ensure the quality of the paper is uniform from start to finish. One way to do this is to ensure the logical flow of ideas from the introduction to the body paragraphs and finally to the conclusion. The paragraphs should feed off each other. Using transition words is one way to do so.

Organization and Structure

The paragraphs should have a topic sentence or transition sentence that links a paragraph to the previous paragraph. This is followed by sentences that expound on it and then a concluding sentence. The sizes of the paragraphs should also be assessed. Long paragraphs are further analyzed for unnecessary sentences or are broken down further. For shorter paragraphs, more context may be required.

The sentence structure is about the words used to make up the sentence. The editing part at this stage replaces overused phrases or words. Also, the tone used is checked for formality and an academic tone. For instance, the right use of active and passive voice is applied.

Final overview of the paper

After making sure the paper is edited, a quick overview of the paper format is done. The correct format should be used throughout the paper, including the font type and size. The title page and the reference sections are also checked for proper formatting. All sources used in the paper are correctly cited and included in the reference list.

After editing, the remaining task is to make sure it is ready for submission. This is done after re-reading the paper and making sure it is free of any grammatical mistakes or punctuations. This process is covered in the proofreading step, which is discussed below.

Proofreading Services

As a student or writer, you have the responsibility to ensure that your work is free of any mistakes. Errors negatively affect your work, making readers stumble, conveying the wrong messages, and overall altering the perception that your audience has of you. Therefore, for a piece of writing to be of high quality, it must be free of errors, which is the purpose of proofreading.

So, what exactly is proofreading? Proofreading refers to the process of reading the final draft to identify any mistakes or errors and to ensure that the use of grammar, tenses, spelling, punctuation, and overall formatting is uniform throughout the whole text. 

How is proofreading different from editing? To proofread the final draft, it should already be edited; that is, it must have been well written and organized to make sense. Proofreading is the final step that ensures that all the mistakes that could have been missed during the editing process are identified such that the document does not contain any errors.

What does the proofreading process entail?

As professional proofreaders, we follow key steps to ensure that we identify all inconsistencies and errors that you may have missed in your work.


  • Before proofreading

We have a team of professional proofreaders with the knowledge, language proficiency, and resources to patiently read through your writing to identify any inconsistencies and correct them. Our team allocates enough time to read the text multiple times, identify mistakes, and correct them. We have a comprehensive list of all the common errors to look for in writing, including inconsistencies intense, punctuation, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, language, and overall formatting. We also provide proofreading services based on feedback provided by instructors or employers.


  • While proofreading

We recognize the importance of allocating enough time and effort to the proofreading process. While proofreading, we go through every word, sentence, and paragraph; we read out loud to identify any errors such as run-on sentences that may require transitions, misplaced or missing punctuations, and other errors that cannot be otherwise identified.


  • After proofreading

After proofreading, we assign another professional to look over the text to whether all the inconsistencies have been identified. By doing this, we ensure that any mistake that would have been overlooked is caught and corrected.

Why is proofreading important?

While proofreading is not as intensive as editing, it is a crucial step in guaranteeing the professionalism, clarity, and coherence of your piece of writing. Your reputation is dependent on the work you put out, and through our proofreading services, we can help you polish your writing and protect your reputation.



(NB: Make changes using Word’s Track Changes feature. Provide a report after you done.)


No. of Words/Pages:

Format Style:

No. of Sources:


Professional Proofreading & Editing Checklist

(Check the box to each list, and write a brief comment that will help improve the work)






  • Spelling




  • Punctuation Rectification




  • Grammar




  • Terminology




  • Syntax




  • Others






Academic Style




  • Stye & Tone (E.g., Overuse of Passive Voice, avoiding subjective language, among others)




  • Consistency




  • Flow




  • Others






Structure Check




  • Well organized and contain all essential elements depending on the paper




  • Check whether or not each individual paragraph supports your document’s main goal




  • Elaborated Acronyms




  • The organization and focus of individual paragraph




  • Ensure continuity of paragraphs




  • Repetitive and redundant information




  • Avoiding splicing Sentences




  • The content and weight of titles and headings




  • The numeration of figures and tables, paragraph structure




  • Others






Clarity Check




  • Make sure your test tells a clear and logical story




  • Clarify vague sentences




  • Check you have clearly presented concepts and ideas




  • Streamline wordy sentences




  • Comment on logic behind your argumentation




  • Highlight contradictions within the text




  • Make sentences easier to follow




  • Others










  • Generate table of content (if required)




  • Generate list of tables and figures (if required)




  • Ensure consistent paragraph formatting




  • Insert page numbering




  • Make margins




  • Line spacing




  • Font and indentation consistent




  • Set your running head and page numbers




  • Check your headings for consistency




  • Format your title page




  • Format your abstract and keywords (if needed)




  • Make sure your tables are formatted consistently (if needed




  • Ensure that your intext citations and references meet your style guide’s requirements




  • Provide feedback on incomplete intext citations and references entries




  • Cross check your intext citations against your references list to highlight inconsistencies and missing sources




  • Remove personal information




  • Others


Best part (s) of this piece of writing:

Areas needing more work (Most common mistakes):

Overall Report

(Answer any question (s) and explain how the text has been improved)




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